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Milad Karimi
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I am an experienced blogger/writer who has been working freelance for the past five years. I pride myself in researching the topics I am given thoroughly, so that the readers hear an expert and not just an amateur. I am incredibly flexible with regards to what I can write about and the style in which it is written - I have written about everything from video games to pets, and in styles ranging from the formal to colloquial.

When it comes to deadlines I have no problems, I am always on time and while I am often quick at my work I always deliver quality work. I'll never submit anything that I think is even a little below par, and it is always completely original. I always stay in contact with my clients, as communication is key, and I will always let you know exactly where I am with the work and what I have left to do.

I look forward to your questions and communications.

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