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Ivannikova Olga
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Got a great app idea? Want to push your business further? We’re here to help! With a proven track record of success, we can turn your concepts into reality.


I am Dhaval from team Intelivita, I’ve been developing iOS/Android Applications commercially and personally for over 10+ years. I request you to please check my PeoplePerHour profile once, having good ratings and reviews from worldwide clients. It is reflecting my image of work dedication and quality code to deliver the work within a time frame.

I'm experienced in server-side languages too. So connecting/writing API's is more than possible.

iOS/Android Application Hosting (optional):
With this hourly, we are offering to upload your iOS/Android Application to under our AppStore/PlayStore name. This means you don't have to buy an Apple/Play Developer account. You will still receive the source code either way.

Development Process:
1: You send us your idea
2: We storyboard it (if you haven’t already)
3: We mock up the application
4: Add in the functionalities
5: Test, Test, Test!
6: Push the build to your device for final approval
7: Submit to the iOS/Android AppStore!

In the development process, we can give you beta download links for you to see how the application is progressing.

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