Build 2000 target datalist for Translation agencies

Jozey Rooman-Downs
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How to find direct clients?

Here I can help you to find direct clients to target for your translation service. I can build Database of the end clients who using Translation services, you could select the countries to target, sectors, and what are the excel fields you would like to receive.

This is not confirmed leads, I will provide you who are generally using translation service, you should contact them in order to secure inter in your service. As for direct clients, it may be harder to approach them if you don’t have much experience. A lot of companies don’t trust newbies. They don’t know much about the translation industry and you might have to explain to them the services you offer. Find companies that work in the countries of your source and target language, and in your fields of specialism. If you specialise in the fashion industry, it’s likely that an automotive company won’t be interested in your services, and vice versa. Researching direct clients takes more time than researching agencies, but you can work for higher rates and better deadlines. Being a direct supplier means that you have more bargaining power (and margins!). You might have to negotiate, but you have more power in your hands if you have potential list of companies who regularly using the service.

The language you could select.
under this service offer you will receive 2000 leads
The cost will be differ depends upon your target location, end user category and languages
Delivery in 5 day(s)

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