I will translate from english to norwegian

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Although it's possible to order directly using one of my service packages, I highly recommend contacting me for a custom offer to make sure we are both on the same page.

I'm a Norwegian native and have completed all my English education with good grades. I'm offering to translate text from English to Norwegian since this is a language pair I know well.

When I translate I always go trough a 3 step process to insure the highest quality:

I read through the text to understand the context.
I translate it.
I proofread the translated text to correct any spelling mistakes and to make sure it flows in a natural way.

I have a 100% on-time delivery rate, and if needed I also provide express delivery. If you want express delivery I recommend contacting me for a custom offer, but you can also use the express delivery option when ordering from this service page.

I give bulk discounts for large orders (see service packages for details), but if you contact me for a custom offer I can often give you a better rate even for small orders. My most loyal and biggest buyers always get my best rate of $0,02 per word.
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