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If you are business owner, your website is the first place a potential customer would go through to learn about your product and services. It is essential to keep the content of your website updated, error free, and user-oriented.

As a professional writer, I will research the given topic thoroughly, create drafts, and proof read to create an accurate, concise and wholesome article.

This service includes the following:
Title, introduction, body and conclusion
Audience-centric and engaging language
Well researched and throughly proof-read

Interesting fact about me: When I was working in a Communications team at a Petroleum Engineering Research Center in Middle East, I interviewed the scientists and students to create professional and engaging articles about the center. The center was new and in dire need of traction. The articles that I wrote for the website, along with some social media marketing, helped us gain 95% increase in audience traffic to our website (Google Analytics) within 4 months!

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