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Project Description:

When we started our business, we didn't design a comprehensive email list/marking strategy to generate leads, develop prospects, onboard new users, or nurture existing users.
Our list has grown to over 15,000 people. The list is currently segmented based on the courses in which people are enrolled, so that there is a basic on boarding and nurturing process, however these processes could use further refinement. We have done very little in the domain of lead generation.
Our current system uses tags and automations, however some of these are not set up correctly. The result is that some users are receiving the wrong messages at the wrong times. Additionally, there is not a cohesive overarching strategy about how to best serve our users while also monetizing the list.
We use ConvertKit for email list management.

We need to rebuild our email sequences, tagging, and automation from the ground up, so that we can best serve our customers. This includes lead generation, prospect development, new user on boarding, and nurturing existing users.

Your Task:
1. Discuss your big picture strategy on how you would solve this problem.
2. What tactics would you use to solve this problem?
3. What key performance indicators would you use to define whether this project was successful?

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