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I have requirement in wordpress customization and development. I have a marketplace with a paid theme porto installed with wc marketplace, wc storefront manager with some other plugins as well. However it doesn't satisfies my clients requirement. More more features are needed to be integrated in the form of existing plugin customization or new plugin development.
1. Shipping zones configuration
For user:
- shipping price of 80 Rs/kg will be displayed on cart value below 500 Rs
- free shipping on cart value above 500 Rs
For vendor:
- shipping cost will be applicable for any product of 80 Rs/kg
- vendor needs to give a product rate including shipping cost
2. Prime features for user, vendor and admin - in this case the vendor will add a 3rd price as a prime price for prime members. Admin will pre feed some coupon codes. A user will signup and enter the coupon code which will validate and associate with users e.mail address and will be valid for a year. A user who has validated the prime coupon will be able to buy the prime product with the 3rd price.
3. Productwise commission feature
4. GST calculations
5. SMS integration - have installed sms plugin. however, there is no sms notification for vendor
6. seasonal offer - admin will broadcast an offer in terms of percentage and vendor will have option to avail that
7. Order reject by vendor and notification to admin

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