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Project Description:

I want to write a petition to be signed by International Chinese students who currently study in UK universities.

The job consists of two parts:

1 - Writing up a Petition (in Chinese) which appeals to Chinese students, so that they can sign the Petition and support my request, which I will send to the management of their university.
I am attaching a "draft" of such appeal. I wrote this draft to give you an idea about the concept of the Petition.
Once you produce the Chinese Petition, please translate it into English, so that I can understand what you wrote in Chinese and have my comments if need be.

2 - Social Marketing: approaching the Chinese students of a (particular) university to urge them to sign the petition. You can reach Chinese students through their Chinese Student Union, or through any channel which you suggest.
If I got a good number of signatures, I would ask you to do the same (new job) for other universities, one after the other. I will start with the University of Birmingham.

After reading the attached English draft:
- Do you think you can come up with a petition which appeals to Chinese students?
- Do you have experience in social media marketing? OR do you think you can get a good number of signatures?

Due my limited budget, I would like to agree with you on a “Fixed Cost” so that I make it available and ready for you, before we start the contract.

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Project Duration:

1 Week - 4 Weeks

Skills Required:

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