Digital Marketing Specialist - Facebook / Instagram

Average Bid (USD)
$22 / hr
Budget (USD)
$15 - $25 / hr

Project Description:

We’re looking for a talented individual who can fit in well in our fun and driven culture and help us spread the word to the right people, help us grow our communities and create a unique emotional experience for our audiences.

Right now our main focus is to create engaging messages on Facebook and Instagram.
We’re looking for a talented individual who can get amazing results running Facebook ads for a wide range of products and/or services.

As the company grows further, we are looking to spread onto all PPC platforms, and so this is an opportunity to make the position your own.

Before we move forward, here’s a little bit on who we are

What drives us is to create inspiring projects with like-minded people having a diverse set of skills. Each one of us brings something else to the table but at our core, we are all aligned.
We believe having a job you love with people who you enjoy spending time with is possible and therefore we do care to invite to our team the right fits.

Being able to excel means to be aligned, have the clear vision, relevant knowledge and the support to facilitate the growth. That’s us in a nutshell!

More about us...
We love people
We are excited about the future
We make our work engaging and fun
We love to learn and challenge our thinking, we need you!
We don’t take ourselves too seriously - some of us are avid meme or dad jokes lovers
We measure results, not time
We protect our core values so we all can grow
We facilitate open and honest communication
We create environment where each one of us can be their own boss within their area of genius
Sounds like this might be for you?

Great, here’s an outline of what skills and experience we are looking for this Facebook ads role (Instagram would be a great advantage of yours)!:

Knowledge of Facebook platform inside out
Proven paid experience and expertise in Facebook
Having a real interest in the digital world
Being an avid fan of social media news, tips and tricks
Having a strong data-driven and analytical thinking while being creative in using available online tools for market research
Having the ability to progress and improve performance and report back on statistics
Plan, design and manage paid campaigns alongside the organic content
Extraordinary organisational skills with the ability to juggle multiple campaigns
Salary negotiable with bonuses

We care more about results rather than time you spend on delivering them (9-5 mentality please do not apply).
Like freedom? The budget is flexible too. If you like one of us, we are open to find what works best for everyone!

So, if it still sounds like something you see yourself in, join us.
Let me know if you have any questions
Looking forward to hearing from you and see you on the other side!


Hours of work:


Project Duration:

1 Month - 3 Months

Skills Required:

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