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The theme used - Xstore theme with WooCommerce plugin
To display products in Table plugin used - Woo Product Table

Refer attached screenshot for Product and product table view and to understand the task.

Product: Paper Rolls
Brand (Manufacturers): Maheshwar Logistics
Product Title: Kraft Paper 36 16 200
Category: Kraft Paper
Decal (Inch): 36 BF (Quality): 16 GSM (Quality): 200
Variations (there will be only weight variations and no other variations):
Weight: 100 kg Price: Rs.10 Quantity: 1
Weight: 110 kg Price: Rs 11 Quantity: 1

I am using the Product Table to display the products so there is add to cart and quick view buttons in it too.

1. In Quick view - Product (Kraft Paper 36 16 200) should contain variation checkbox (Weight: 100kg, Weight 110kg) - so the user can select multiple weights or variations so total weight and price will vary accordingly.

2. Product Table should have Search filter like - Checkbox for the category - Kraft and Duplex (if someone select Kraft paper all kraft paper should be listed) and Brand - Mashwar logistics and so on 7 brands would be there (so if someone selects Maheshwar Brand so all products related to Maheshwar should display in the table) Price checkbox to sort by Price - I guess available in the premium plugin (woo product table pro plugin on codecanyon) not sure can buy if required currently using a free version of it.

3. Table loading should not be slow or any actions should not be slow related to the table. NOTE: So these 2nd and 3rd points should be mainly sorted by using the premium plugin not sure about that too.

4. How the user will purchase a product - There is a product whose price and weight are not calculated on the quantity of the product but on the quantity of variation added in the quantity box, so in the Kraft Paper 36 16 200 quantity column if I add 2 quantity it does not mean 2 Kraft Paper 36 16 200 it means Kraft Paper 36 16 200 variations that is 100kg + 110Kg = 210kg
The user adds a Product: Kraft Paper 36 16 200 with quantity 2But what actually gets added to the cart: Weight 100kg + 110KG = 210kg And price would be: Rs 10 + Rs 11 = Rs 21 it should be visible on the cart page that these weights and these prices are added.

NOTE: every custom code should be in child theme so everything is easily upgradeable.

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