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Project Description:

Do you know anyone who would like some regular work?
Must be able to speak English, but can be from anywhere as long as you have a strong internet connection.

Requirements are:
1. Copy and paste data from LinkedIn into our application
2. Follow a set process of running some steps on phantombuster
3. Use a website that collects phone numbers from websites.

Person must have a very good internet connection as work will be done on a screen share.

Payment is based on each record that is processed.

Takes about 3 - 3.5 minutes to process 1 record and we pay about £1 per 5 records - you can do around 16 records per hour, which is about £3,20 per hour.

Each day, there are up to 100 records for processing.

Key skills are being VERY accurate and following the steps properly.

Person must be English speaker and be able to speak with me.

1. Be able to communicate with us to take instruction well
2. Be reliable
3. Follow the process accurately
4. Have good enough internet to work via screen share
5. Have good attention detail for English language (as it is copying and pasting data and needs to be 100% correct)

Ideally, you will know LinkedIn and can learn phantombuster.

Training will be provided and the work is likely to last for the next 3 months.

Skills Required:

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