Create Conceptual Design for River House

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Project Description:

Develop concept design for a one-story 3 bedroom house that can be constructed partially over the land on the edge of the river and partially over the river itself.

The house is to include:
- Master Bedroom with private toilet and shower and built-in closets
- Two other Bedrooms each sufficient for two single beds and built-in closets
- 2nd toilet and shower accessible via the house's common areas
- Living/Dinning room and an adjacent Kids Play Zone to be located on the river side of the house
- Kitchen (or kitchen area) near the Living/Dining area
- Storage room that also includes clothes washing and dryer machines

The entire house is to be carried by structural columns (covered with natural stone for aesthetics) so that the house becomes 2.5 meters above land level to account for potential river overflow.

The house is to have a terrace surrounding the section constructed over the land side with wide stairs from the land level to the elevated house level.

The section over the river is to include one or two small balconies in carefully positioned locations so that the majority of the house section over the river has a clear view of the river from inside the house unobstructed by the balconies.

A curved slide is to be included from the terrace to be used for fun by kids and adults to come down to the land level.

The concept design needs to also incorporate multiple sweet water tanks at land level as well as at an elevated level high enough to allow plenty of water to be stored at land level, pumped up to the elevated tanks, and then come down by gravity to the house's kitchen and toilets at strong enough pressure.

The roof for the entire structure must be a sufficiently steep sloping roof to allow heavy snow and rain water to quickly drain off the roof.

The concept design is to propose creative ways to utilize the land area underneath the section of the house on the land side.

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