Assistance on QR Code Reading and MySQL Database

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I am currently building a Wharehouse Management System. I am utilizing a MySQL Database and a User Interface built using PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript etc. I am building it using a Tool called PHP Runner. Please look at this product before quoting.

As part of the system, there will be Storage Areas within the warehouse that are designated and labeled with a QR code that I will produce from my system. Secondly, as goods enter the Warehouse they will be labeled. This label will contain details of the goods. So customer x has 6 items to be stored which will for example be labeled as Customer X Lot 1-5.
The aim is to provide a scanner which can be used on either Andriod or Ios. On that basis, I do not want a specific mobile app but utilize a web-based product. If possible I would like to go for the simplest of the shelf system we can. For example JotForm QR Reader.
At this point, I must stress I don't have a big budget so as much open source is needed as possible. I just need someone who has the experience to accomplish the following: -

So what we need to achieve is the ability for a Wharehouse Operative to Scan a Package Label and then scan the Code identifying the Storage Area and within the database marry up the package and the location and update the record. Remember that each Package may comprise several Lots. So it will mean Read Label - Read Location, Read the Label - Read Location, etc.

Now as a freelancer of many years on this platform I like to be open and transperent about the terms of the work I offer. This will not be a job which you start on Monday finish 3 days later and get paid. I need someone who can work with me on a longer time scale dipping in and out as required. I would call it a "fill-in" job. Secondly, I will not be in a position to pay you as things stand as I write until my client has signed off on the complete system. The timescale I have indicated is not indicative of the amount of work you have to do but the likely duration over which we will collaborate.
So if you're happy with the brief and happy to work with me you can be assured you will receive full and detailed feedback and recommendations going forward.
Finally, I have not set a budget as I want to be honest enough to say I don't have one. But I will pay for a job well done and I want to make sure this work is open for people starting out on CCLanc. I had to start from Zero once and I know it can be tough to get going.

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1 Week - 4 Weeks

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