Build a responsive website that is good for Google search

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$1,500 - $3,000
14 day(s) 13 hour(s) left

Project Description:

Because of poor traffic conversion from visiting customers, slow web page opening speed, and unattractive products displayed, we need to upgrade the corporate website.

Need to build a new website, adaptive web page, including front-end and back-end
Need to comply with Google SEO code structure, scheme structure is preferred
Need to have website security and virus prevention capabilities
Need to provide source code, and finally need to be transferred to our server
Need to have multiple languages
Need to have picture management, product editing, column management, authority management in the background, and statistical analysis of data
Can provide the best post-maintenance

We hope you are:
1. Responsible, stable communication and timely reply
2. Rich experience in website development or secondary development, familiar with multiple website languages
3. Understand and be familiar with Google website code optimization techniques, Google ranking rules, etc.
4. Know Chinese, English is best.
5. Attach the webpage address and design created by yourself when recruiting

If it is necessary to sign a contract, consider long-term cooperation.
The specific price will be discussed again.

Skills Required:

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this is 100% doable and your professional will deliver this right on time. Let's discuss

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