UI/UX Design for iPad & iPhone App

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Project Description:

Please read all of this description before submitting a proposal.

I need a UI design for an iPhone/iPad app. It will be primarily used on iPad in landscape, but it must also work in portrait and on iPhone 5 and better in landscape & portrait.

There are the following screens:

You will need to create the following pages:

1. A settings screen - where the user can setup various parameters

2. The survey selection screen (a list of surnames & post codes for the use to select )

3. Take photo screen - the user needs to be able to take a photo at any point in the app

4. Animation screen (see below)

5. Shopping cart screen

6. Summary screen

7. take a note.

Than animation screen comprises a number of steps where the user builds a garage door installation. the 3d rendering animated based on the user selections which are:

1. take height & width measurements (with a laser measure)

2. select the type of fitting (reveal, face, or combo)

3. Select slat size

4. internal or external override (external override can be side or front mounted)

5. Select motor side

7. select curtain colour

8. select box/track colour

9. open & close the door

I need to be able to give the design to a developer to use - or preferably put the design in a dummy app where I can get the developer to hook up the functionality. I've left the budget at the hourly rate PPH suggested, but I'd like a fixed cost which you suggest for the job. Because of the amount of generic cut & paste replies please start your proposal with the word skywalker so I know you have read the description.

Hours of work:


Project Duration:

1 Week - 4 Weeks

Skills Required:

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