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$5,000 - $10,000
1 month(s) 23 day(s)

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Hello, we are a small family run business, we buy prestige vehicles. We need a website build using Wordpress or craft.
The website will need to catch the sellers car details and send them to us so we can purchase the sellers vehicles.
Please see referenced websites.
We need a website made which will then be live on the search engines and attract people who wish to sell their prestige high value vehicles.
I need someone who is able to work fast, and listen to instructions. Someone who is knowledgeable on how to write a website which has organic wording embedded within the website, so that it is organically picked up by google analytics - but without the website being blacklisted by google.

The right person will be fluent in English. Both written and spoken. And have an eye for detail.

*If you think you can work with us please give me a message.
*** I have NOT specified a cost for this job. I would like people to send their offers for the complete job.
*** I need a high end. Bespoke platform which is completely owned by us. Please bid us accordingly for the entire job.

Websites for reference;

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