Need a developer to complete coding for a custom Mailchimp form

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I'm currently developing a WP site for a client that needs a form that (a) sends data to MailChimp and (b) sends the data to a fixed email address. When sending the data to MailChimp it's sending both the input fields to be mapped to fields in MC as well as checkbox selections that are mapped to "Groups" (interests) for an MC Audience. There's a number of extensions and plugins that do this but none of them seem to be able to pass on the Groups (Interest) data into an email that's sent to a fixed recipient.

I do have competency in building forms but I don't do them that often, and frankly my workload is really heavy at the moment and I don't have the time to fuss around with this when there's likely someone out there that knows exactly what to do.

I've actually built out a lot of the form, a customisation of the MailChimp source code for forms, as well as the HTML template that is used to send the data to the fixed email.

I've been building this site in Elementor upon the client's request, so I'm thinking the form will need to be a shortcode in the functions.php file, or similar, to insert it in the right place in the Elementor builder.

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