Logo Design for Reusable Packaging Company

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I need a logo to be used on print and digital assets.

I have attached the color palette I am targeting but am open to feedback or suggestions. I am trying to stay away from medium to dark blue and eco-green as a primary branding color.

The business concept is based on reusable shipping supplies such as boxes and envelopes for e-commerce companies. The name of the company is Box and 1 (a little basketball inspiration) is a nod to the fact that 1 box can be used multiple times and also recycled at the end of its life. This overall business plays into the "circular economy" space and other business in this space play up "loops" and "circles" in their designs. I think a box or square would be a good way to represent the same circular concept but just in a different shape which could serve as a good visual branding differentiator.

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UC89z5oCRm2un7y1GHic_Color Palette.pdf,
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