Looking for experienced Engineering Manager

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$50 / hr
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$50 - $100 / hr

Project Description:


• Manage developers (backend, ReactJS , sql, devops, kafka , architects, test engineers, elastic devs...) to achieve timely and quality deliverables.
• Project Management to assure on-time deliverables. Plan work according to capacity, dependencies and risk; identify and mitigate risks that could derail quality and timely deliverables.
• Have an in-depth technical understanding of our Emgage platform and our technology stack.
• Setup and improve processes and practices for optimum distributed team performance and satisfaction.
• Facilitate internal work planning sessions, including standups, backlog grooming, sprint planning, and retrospectives
• Oversee the planning and expectations of deliverables from inception to completion, presenting updates, summarizing changes, and identifying and mitigating risks
• Identify areas of improvement in merging and deploying code into Dev, QA, Staging and Production.
• Manage Agile Squad-based work and distribution
• Help develop career growth paths for team members.
• Identify and develop leaders within the team.
• Measure and improve team productivity and quality measurements through proven methods, processes and tools
◦ Processes for regular developer performance review
◦ Establish measurement matrix for various types of team members, Tribes and Squads.
◦ Evaluate, select and implement tools to measure developer productivity and quality
• Current State Evaluation (SWOT, SOAR, NOISE... ) for Teams and recommend improvements
• Assure predictable and timely QA cycles (complete previous dev sprint within one week of completion of dev sprint)

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Project Duration:

3 Months - 6 Months

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$50 / hr
8 hour(s) per Day
5 1 Reviews
$50 / hr
8 hour(s) per Day