WooCommerce issue with product & cart details - area calc vue.js

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I've inherited maintaining a WordPress eCommerce website that uses a custom theme and needs an area calculator on certain products (see screenshot). I need to amend this area calculator to be able to pull through a dropdown select option from the Attributes which will be the width of the strip.

I.e you calculate your area you need to cover to be 16 m sq but you have a choice whether you want it in 2m or 4m width strips.

I then need this to populate into the cart as additional product detail in the product row.

The calculator uses PHP and vue.js so if you think you can help please get in touch and I can give you more information.

I really don't think it would take very long, I just can't seem to get my head around it. UK based preferably for time & communication turn around.

Many thanks,

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1 Week - 4 Weeks

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