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I work with companies to help them hire marketing, sales, business development, and creative talent.

I am looking for someone to re-write my five-page website and then provide ongoing content for my blog and LinkedIn (2 blog posts and 2 LinkedIn articles). The ideal person will be okay researching the topics and writing posts/articles.


Re-write and build out the following 4 pages with new content:

- Homepage
- About
- Contact
- Fill Now

Essentially I am looking for someone to take the content I have now on the above pages and re-write it and add too it.


- Provide two blog posts per week
- Provide two LinkedIn articles per week.

Sample Blog Topics

- Top employment retention ideas for employers
- How to write the perfect cover letter
- 3 proven ways to expedite your hiring process
- How to negotiate a pay raise
- How to create a job ad that attracts the right candidates

And if you have suggestions/ideas, I will gladly listen and you can help fix the website in those areas as well.

Blogs/articles will be approx 2000 to 2500 words or so words usually, but nothing set in stone. Just have to get the idea across appropriately.

I am looking to budget 10 hours per week for this project.

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