Can you work for Bitcoin? How can I get job in Bitcoin?

Can you work for Bitcoin? How can I get job in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin and its buying and selling are one of the most attractive opportunities to earn money online and invest, which is increasing the number of its fans every day. There are many ways to make money through Bitcoin, and it is safe to say that none of these methods are free.

Bitcoin work takes time and money.  Many sources suggest ways to earn free bitcoins that we think will not be of any economic benefit to you.

Therefore, it is better to use the standard methods that exist in the world to extract bitcoins and obtain them.

Getting bitcoin, like all other methods of earning money, requires money and time.  You should invest your time and money to get bitcoins.


All the methods that I will introduce to you in this post are graded based on the following:

How much effort is required to use this method?

How Much Money Can You Make Through This Method?

What is the risk of this method?


All the methods that I will introduce to you in this post are methods that we have tried in practice so far. So you can be sure that we are talking about the experience.  So stay tuned:


Make small money from Bitcoin

Make small money from Bitcoin bitcoin work, bitcoin jobs, crypto jobs, cryptocurrency jobs

Effort: Much

Income: Low

Risk: Low

One of the cheapest, easiest, and most time-consuming ways to monetize bitcoin is to make very little bitcoin.

These methods are such that you can get very small amounts of bitcoins by doing small tasks and spending time.

One of these methods is to use PTC sites where you can earn bitcoins by clicking on the ads. Another way is to register for faucets, which I will explain in the next article.


Faucet startup

Effort: Medium upward

Income: Low

Risk: medium

Faucet is a website that rewards Bitcoin users for performing various tasks. Some of these tasks are watching promotional videos, installing mobile apps, or even playing games, which you can do to earn bitcoins.

Instead of using Faucet, you can start your faucet and start selling ads.  According to our research, setting up a faucet and generating good traffic (at least 400 hits a day), and getting multiple ads can earn about $ 1,000 a month.

Of course, you have to keep in mind that setting up a faucet and bringing it to income requires a lot of time and effort, and also, having expertise in the field of SEO and digital marketing is also important.

bitcoin work, bitcoin jobs, crypto jobs, cryptocurrency jobs

Buy and sell bitcoins

Effort: medium

Income: Much

Risk: Much

One of the fastest, easiest, and most risky ways you can get bitcoin is to buy and sell bitcoins. The point is, you buy bitcoin or any other digital currency when it goes down, and when it gets expensive enough, you sell it and make a lot of money.


Participate in sales cooperation programs

Effort: Much

Income: medium

Risk: medium

One of the most neglected ways to monetize Bitcoin is through marketing programs. The way it works is that you introduce a link or advertisement of a service or product to your users and receive a commission in return for selling it to Bitcoin.

There are many ways to share links in your sales. One of these ways is sharing on social networks or blogs, which can lead to good results.


Bitcoin Mining 

Effort: medium

Income: medium

Risk: much

Most people become acquainted with the extraction of such currencies right after learning about them, and think that they have found wonderful housework that others have not yet discovered!

But what is real is miles away from this thinking. In addition to knowledge, bitcoin mining requires powerful hardware components, convenient space, and high electricity costs, which makes the risk of this method very limited.

Extracting other currencies is much cheaper and easier than bitcoin. But this cost is less only for hardware and costs for electricity and maintenance such as bitcoin mining are high.

Sometimes you come across websites and apps that tell you we're extracting coins for you. Most of these services are very useless and in most cases the profit for you is equal to the cost of electricity and battery consumption of your device.

Another method you can use is called cloudy extraction. A company pays to buy hardware, and you share in the profits by signing a contract with that company.  Cloudy extraction is generally done in the following three ways:


Hosting extraction: Rent an extraction machine.

virtual hosting extraction: Get a private virtual server and install your extraction software on it.

Rental hash power: Rent some processing power, without the need for a virtual or physical computer.


Buy and daily sales

Effort: medium

Income: medium

Risk: medium

Buy and daily sales are one of the ways to earn money through Bitcoin. In this method, buying and selling bitcoins is done in 1 day. You can make a profit in this way with market price fluctuations. Therefore, such an approach is recommended for people who have enough capital for a good daily profit.

Such fluctuations may be based on market trends or merely rumors. So people who choose this method should regularly follow the news and margins of digital currencies to be able to predict some fluctuations and market events.

Buy and daily sales, bitcoin work, bitcoin jobs, crypto jobs, cryptocurrency jobs


Launching a bitcoin trading robot

Effort: medium

Income: medium

Risk: medium

Setting up a bitcoin trading robot is an advanced method that can make good money if you do it right. In the following, you can get acquainted with the types of these robots:

Crypto Trader

Crypto Trader Robot is a trading robot that provides users with automated trading solutions. Crypto Trader allows its users to buy the solutions for their desired transaction or put their solutions for sale.


3commas is a very popular trading robot that works with various currencies such as Bittrex, Bit Phoenix, Bynes, Bitstamp, Cocoon, Poloniex, GDAX, Cryptopia, Hobby, and YOBIT.

This robot works with any device including mobile phone, home computer, laptop, tablet, etc., and allows you to activate the loss prevention and profit system and copy the activity of the most successful users and use them as a template.

Cryptocurrency Hopper

CryptoHopper is an automated trading robot that can exchange virtual currency 24 hours a day. Whether you are at the computer or not. This system allows you to trade based on certain indicators or subscribe to a signal that sends buy signals.

According to their website, "they are the first and only automated virtual currency trading robot that integrates signals from foreign professionals."


Selling products or servicesbitcoin work, bitcoin jobs, crypto jobs, cryptocurrency jobs

Effort: much

Income: medium

Risk: Low

Another way to monetize Bitcoin is to sell products and services. You can launch your product or service in English by launching a global website and receive bitcoins in exchange for money. This method is one of the best methods for crypto jobs.

For example, you can set up a website to sell specific themes and plugins for WordPress or Joomla and put it up for sale.


Buy and sell bitcoins with exchange offices

Effort: medium

Income: medium

Risk: medium

In this way, you can monitor the price of all online exchanges and then buy your desired currency from the exchange that has the lowest price and sells it to the exchange that buys the most expensive.

Note that in this method, your profit will be significant when your purchase volume is high.

This is because the distance between your purchase price from one exchange and your sale to another is very, very small.

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