Crypto Jobs ( Bitcoin Jobs )

Crypto Jobs ( Bitcoin Jobs )

In this article, we want to introduce you to crypto jobs. Given the growth and popularity of cryptocurrencies in recent years, the jobs that have been created for cryptocurrencies have also grown significantly. If you can increase your crypto expertise, your income will also increase and you can easily earn crypto online.


Must-Have Skills for Crypto or Bitcoin Jobs Seekers

 Must-Have Skills for Crypto or Bitcoin Jobs Seekers

♦ Ability to Work Independently

Many people prefer independent jobs. Independent jobs are very attractive and you can easily choose a freelance job for yourself. In these jobs you will not face your boss and you will only have to work independently. In these jobs, there are no colleagues and most of the time you have to work alone and without a colleague. Of course, there are many independent jobs that you can work as a team and in this case have a colleague. If you want to increase your activity in the field of crypto, you must be able to increase your skills in this field.

♦ Self-Motivation

Another skill you should consider for crypto jobs is self-motivation. You need to have the skills to be able to plan and act on a daily basis. Also, to progress in this direction, you must be able to deliver your project on time. So self-motivation is one of the skills you need to have for crypto jobs.


Must-Have Skills for Crypto or Bitcoin Jobs Seekers

♦ Strong Written Communication Skills

Given that you need to communicate remotely with the employer in crypto jobs and remote jobs and be able to communicate well. When you do a project online, you need to have the skill to communicate with your colleagues and employer by writing professional texts. You need to improve your skills in using email, online messaging and project management software.

♦ Comfort in Learning and Using Digital Tools

You need to be able to learn comfortably. Ease of learning helps you to learn new techniques every day and to be able to communicate with others. Using digital facilities also helps you to easily communicate with the employer and colleagues, you also need to be flexible to easily learn the latest tools.

♦ Be a Team Player and Have Cross-Cultural Literacy

Improve your teamwork skills. All people who have a high team spirit are much more successful than those who work alone. You need to be able to communicate with your team and share all your information with the team.

You also need to increase your knowledge of different cultures and countries to communicate more effectively and better with employers and individuals. Because there are countries in the world with different cultures and traditions and you should be able to communicate with all of them.

♦ Reliable and Secure Equipment

For remote jobs such as crypto and bitcoin jobs, you need to be able to use reliable equipment. Because there is no risk in these jobs and you should be able to keep your systems up to date and use the latest versions of antivirus to maintain security.


8 Great Crypto or Bitcoin Jobs That Pay Well


1. Graphic designer

One of the best jobs you can do remotely and work in the field of crypto jobs is graphic design. This job is easily implemented and communicated remotely. Logo design, brochure, font, etc. can be implemented in this category. If you have interesting ideas and are creative, you can definitely choose crypto jobs for yourself.

8 Great Crypto or Bitcoin Jobs That Pay Well2. Tutor

Distance learners can teach all students in any age group and with any subjects. Due to the wide range of communication software, distance learning has become very attractive and easy. Distance learning is great for people who are interested in this job and like to have flexible working hours.

3. Freelance writer

Due to the expansion of freelance platforms in recent years, writing jobs have also become very important on these platforms. People who are looking for a distance job can work with writing and register on these platforms. On crypto freelance platforms you can also choose jobs related to writing and receive crypto. This can include technical, marketing and creative writing.

4. Freelance translator

Translators, like writers, can choose distance jobs and work in crypto. Translation is one of the most popular categories on freelance websites and there are always many projects for translators on these platforms. The most popular languages for translation are English, German, Chinese and Spanish.

5. Digital marketer

Digital marketers use various tools to attract customers and increase users. All the tools they use are digital and the most popular of these tools are email, social media and website content. Digital marketers are highly creative and use all the tools for advertising and marketing to get the highest returns.

6. Sales consultant

The sales consultant reviews all the company information and then offers you suggestions so that you can increase your company's efficiency. The solutions and methods that these consultants offer you will greatly help the development of your company. This area ranges from small businesses to large companies.

7. Application developer

One of the most popular categories that will guarantee your future career is the application developer. In this category, you must be a professional graphic designer to be able to deliver a professional application with a great appearance to the employer.

8. Software engineer

If you want to know what is the most popular and highest paid job in crypto, be sure to remember software engineering. In this area, you can design and implement from computer games to advanced network-based systems. The highest paid and most popular crypto jobs are software engineering, and there are always many jobs for software engineering on crypto freelance platforms.


7 Crypto Jobs Opportunities in 2020


♦ Content Writer

Demand for content producers in crypto jobs is growing dramatically. But this special job opportunity does not mean that you can easily enter it; You need to have sufficient skills in creating scientific content for crypto products and services.

Other job opportunities in the world of crypto for people with high writing power include creating a landing page, blog content, news and white papers.

To become a good content writer, you do not need to be aware of all aspects of cryptocurrencies, and have a high research ability.

7 Crypto Jobs Opportunities in 2020

♦ Developer

A recent study shows that the demand for crypto jobs that specialize in Java, C ++, Python, and cryptography grew by about 125 percent between 2019 and 2020. Every crypto-related business needs a skilled crypto developer to provide better services to its customers, both now and in the future.

♦ Web Designer

Companies around the world are looking for web designers to communicate more effectively and better with their customers. If you also have enough expertise in website design, you can easily work in crypto jobs and do many projects.

♦ Crypto Trading

In this regard, the ability to control emotions is one of the most important. One of the most risky areas of cryptocurrencies is trading because it is a new field and this platform has been provided for several years. If you can not control your emotions, entering this market is a very dangerous job for you. At the same time, one of the most volatile financial markets in the world is the crypto market.

♦ Legal Advisor

Given that cryptocurrencies have been around for more than a few years, the laws defined for this area have not yet been fully implemented and countries have not yet been able to provide consistent laws in this area. Given the skepticism in the field of cryptocurrencies, it is natural that every company needs a legal expert to deal with legal issues.


Where Crypto Jobs are Advertised

Many people are familiar with remote jobs, but may be just looking for places where they can have crypto jobs and work online. One of the questions that comes to mind is where are the crypto jobs advertised? Most freelance websites have recently added a collection of cryptocurrencies to their categories. There are even websites where all payments are made with cryptocurrencies. These websites are known as crypto freelance platforms.


Crypto Jobs vs Office Jobs

Why do we need Office? One of the reasons we work in Office is because of customer referrals. That customers can easily access us and have the necessary coordination with us for meetings. Now consider that you can provide the same platform through the Internet and can communicate with customers or employers through the Internet. In this case, you will no longer need the office and you can easily work online without any additional cost. Crypto jobs are the same and help you to earn money without having an office.


Pay per Hour vs Pay per Project Job


Pay Per Hour Jobs

As the name implies, these are jobs that the freelancer receives based on the hours he or she has worked on the project. In this case, the freelancer sends all his time to the employer and finally receives his money according to this schedule. Below you can see the advantages and disadvantages of this method.

 Pay per Hour vs Pay per Project Job



♦ Agile Project Development

In these projects, both the freelancer and the employer can change their needs and change the project process at any time.

♦ Suitable for long term jobs

It is the best solution for long-term projects because the freelancer can receive money for all the hours he spends on a project.

♦ Paid Overtime work

In these projects, the employer can pay an extra amount to encourage the freelancer, even on holidays, so that the project can be completed faster.



♦ Privacy Issues

This method has a security problem because in this method, the employer requests the screen monitoring software from the freelancer, and this reduces the security in this method.

♦ Fixed rates

Rates are fixed in this way and the freelancer cannot change the rate in the middle of the project.

♦ Strict working hours

One of the major disadvantages of this approach is that it all depends on time. This means that you have to deliver the project on time and receive your fee based on the hours you have spent on the project. In this respect, time is everything in this way.


Pay Per Project

Project-based payments are jobs that the freelancer and the employer agree on throughout the project. In this method, there is no news of Milestone weekend, and both the employer and the freelancer agree on a specific date on which the project must be completed.

Pay per Hour vs Pay per Project Job


♦ No Privacy Concerns

In this case, you will no longer have to worry about privacy, because no communication will be established between the employer and the freelancer through the software.

♦ Flexible prices

The freelancer can easily change the project revenue and cost and share it with the employer. The employer also reviews and approves.

♦ Steady Paychecks

In this method, the freelancer is more secure in terms of revenue than hourly freelancers.



♦ Job Complexity

This method is not recommended at all for complex jobs because the procedure may change at any time during the project and no fixed cost can be considered for these changes.

♦ Stressful Job

They are stressful jobs because the project must be completed on a particular date.

♦ Unpaid Overwork

In this case, there is no more news about overwork and every time you work, your income will be constant and nothing will be added to your income.



Advantages and Disadvantages of Crypto Jobs or Bitcoin works

In this section, we will introduce you to some of the advantages and disadvantages of crypto jobs. Those who are familiar with these jobs and have experience in crypto jobs are very familiar with these advantages and disadvantages and experience them every day.

 Advantages and Disadvantages of Crypto Jobs or Bitcoin works

The main advantages of crypto jobs:

  • ♦ Greater pool of potential talent for employers
  • ♦ Employees keep full pay and benefits
  • ♦ Freelancers and employers save time and costs
  • ♦ Higher autonomy and less office interruptions can increase the productivity of Freelancers
  • ♦ Freelancers can completely customize their working setup
  • ♦ May assist freelancers with disabilities


The main disadvantages of crypto jobs:

  • ♦ Less suitable for positions that require the use of specialized equipment
  • ♦ Fewer networking opportunities for freelancers
  • ♦ Heat and electric bills at freelancers’ homes may increase
  • ♦ Some freelancers could be less productive in this arrangement
  • ♦ Some freelancers may feel overlooked and isolated
  • ♦ More difficult to supervise and evaluate work



According to the above, a few points can be considered for crypto jobs. If you are looking for online jobs or want to work in crypto freelance platforms, you must first know your spirits. Because everything in these jobs depends on you. If your mood is compatible with these jobs, choose these jobs and enjoy them. But if you are looking for jobs that require special facilities or you want to connect with more people in your job, crypto jobs are not offered to you at all. Because you spend most of your time alone in these jobs.

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