Different ways to earn crypto ( Bitcoin, Ethereum, … )

Different ways to earn crypto ( Bitcoin, Ethereum, … )

In this article, we want to introduce you to the methods of obtaining cryptos. These are the most logical ways you can earn crypto online. Other methods may be correct, but you can not earn many cryptocurrencies. These methods that are mentioned in this article, are the methods that you can use as a permanent jobs and earn money from them.


1- Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin mining

In this method, all cryptocurrencies are obtained through mining. This is one of the oldest ways you can get crypto. In the past, you could only get cryptocurrencies with your laptop, but today, due to high competition, you can only do it with certain devices. The names of these devices are miner. Miners have very advanced hardware and therefore their price is high and can be used in countries with low electricity costs to be profitable.

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2- Pay for work

Another way to get crypto is to get crypto for what you deliver. This method works just like money. In the normal world, we receive money for the work done, but in the crypto world, you will receive the crypto for the work  you delivered. One of the things you can use for this method is to introduce your activity and advertise your work on online websites. If you are able to design a website, you can promote your expertise by designing a website and sell it online. In this way, you can also sell a product online on your website.

Another activity you can do in this way is freelancing. Freelancers work online and earn cryptocurrencies for the project.


3- Investment

In recent years, investing in crypto has been very profitable and has attracted many people to this market. The best cryptocurrencies that have been invested and profitable in recent years have been Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can view this report from trading websites.


4- Trading or exchange

This method is risky and requires high expertise. It also has a very high profit. If you want to use this method, definitely need to take specialized courses. So that you can predict the market and then do your trading. If you want to do low-risk activity in this field, It is better to invest in this market, because trading requires high expertise.

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Get Free Crypto

If you have searched online for this title or you have heard of this, you should keep in mind that there is no such method at all. Websites which have such offers are either fraudulent or pay you crypto for an activity that is no longer a free way to get crypto. Because you have to spend your time and expertise in this field.



So you can make a lot of money in the crypto market every year. The result of this article can be divided into two categories.

First one is for those who have enough expertise. If you have specialization, you can earn money through trading or freelancing. Because earning money from these two methods requires expertise.

Second one is for people who do not have specialization but have enough fund to set up. In this case, you can operate in two ways: crypto mining and investing.

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