How do I get a job at Crypto?

How do I get a job at Crypto?

Todays, increase of crypto is creating a lot of new job and opportunity. This opportunities are obtain startup jobs, blockchain  developer, cryptocurrency jobs, mining jobs and other related to this scope. So you can think about it base on your current skills. Cryptocurrency companies need  to skills that related to crypto industry. In general, cryptocurrency companies need help in design, marketing, functions, UI, UX and other jobs. Totally crypto space is growing fast.

For working in this scope you need 5 important skills:

1- Knowledge about fundamentals

You must know about cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. You must know how does Bitcoin work. In general, you must learn listening and analyzing about fundamentals, Bitcoin, Etherium, etc. for example. You can give much useful information of internet, articles and professional persons. As a simple cryptocurrency is digital coin that sent from person to others person and this transfer is not obtain central bank terms (in this time) and you do not need a third party like a bank for control, transfer or buy your coins. We can say Cryptocurrency is a new invention that there is not anywhere in old category.

2- Show your knowledge to others

For your ability enhancement, you should show your knowledge to everyone. You can make a profile in social network and share to others your knowledge about crypto. Furthermore you can add applicable website addresses, infogeraphic pictures, podcasts and other useful things to your profile. This situation helps to you for seeing by others in internet and crypto jobs.  

3- Have a dialogue with professionals

If you want increase your level in crypto jobs, you should speak with professional persons. It’s a necessary that you up to date and use new dialogs for your job. So you can make a connection between professional persons and give more information about new crypto and other things. This connection can virtually or face to face by social networks, telephone, meetings, chat in websites or other ways.  

4- Test other ways

A particular trend for getting a job at Crypto is test of other ways, corporate partners, research in new crypto or startups, introduce in social networks to friends and colleagues, for example. If you can go to conferences, events and like this, you meet companies, investments, influencer and other professional persons. You give new idea or decision from this ways.

5- Skills Needed

If you want work in cryptocurrencies, you should have several skills. Bitcoin is base on C++, Ethereum is written in Solidity (like to JavaScript), knowledge of blockchain technology and cryptoncurrencies,  find out about  initial coin offerings (ICO) and other skills Java, JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3 for example. Furthermore it need to self-motivated, ability to learn quickly and teachable.



Before starting in crypto, you should have actively planning for crypto. You must promise to learning, exploring, searching and communicating. You should explore more in-depth and with plan.   

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