How to never be jobless again?

How to never be jobless again?

In this article, we are going to review some ways to not be unemployed so that you will never be unemployed in the future and you can always continue your work.
Given that it has become difficult to find a new job in recent years, in this article we remind you that you can always find a new job and not be unemployed.
Read this article carefully to get fully acquainted with these cases.


Master Relevant Skill Sets

The higher your skills in your field of work, the better your chances of finding a suitable job. For example, consider 2 people who are looking for a suitable job. The first person has 3 skills in his field of work, but the second person has 6 skills in his field of work. Which person do you choose as an employer? The answer to this question is very clear. Second person. So be sure to focus on this option and increase your skills in your field of work. Research has shown that even if you focus on one skill for 1 hour a day, after 5 years you will be recognized as an expert in that skill.


Build a Professional Portfolio

Now is the time to show your expertise to others. How can others judge you and recognize you as an expert? If you do not have a good resume, you can never show your abilities to others. Having the right portfolio helps you to showcase all your abilities and convince others to choose you to do their job. The employer is not looking to know you, it is looking to see what you can do for them. Having the right portfolio allows you to transform yourself from an amateur to a professional.


Stay Active on Social Media

Today, social networks have become a platform for hiring employees. Because in these networks you can show all your abilities. These networks are also great for connecting with others. Always work on these networks so that more people know you and your abilities. This will get more people to choose you for the job, and it will be up to you to decide which company and person to work with.



Networking allows you to interact with more people. This will help you, when you are looking for a job, your former friends and colleagues will help you find a new job. The more you work on networking and connect with more people, the less time you will find the job you want.


Build Relationships

Always seek to build new relationships and meet more people. Meeting more people will help you find a new job. For example, a person who has 2000 friends on social networks finds his job much easier than a person who has 20 friends. If you are looking to never be unemployed, this is the best thing to do. So always seek to connect with more people.


Be busy

Being busy is a great thing. People who are more connected to others and have a good portfolio will always be busy. Being busy will increase your chances of finding a new job.

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