What is Freelancing and Who is a Freelancer?

What is Freelancing and Who is a Freelancer?

The term freelancer, freelance or freelace worker is someone who works self-employed and does not work for a person for a long time. Most freelancers introduce themselves to others over the Internet and submit their resumes online. Many freelancers also work through the introduction of companies.

✦ How Do Freelancers Make Money?

Freelancers' income depends on their expertise and skills. Freelancers earn their income on an hourly, daily or project basis. For large projects, a contract will be signed between the freelancer and the employer. They can also use freelance platforms for both the freelancer and the employer to trust each other for the first project.

✦ I want to be a freelancer

As we said, freelancing is self-employment, which means you can enter this activity whenever you want. Two points are very important in this regard:

✩ How to succeed in freelance?

Your success in this field depends on your time and expertise. The more time you spend on your activity or the more expertise you have, the more successful you will be. When you have more expertise, you will deliver better quality projects and people and companies will introduce you to each other and you will receive more projects.

✩ How to get involved in freelancing?

❋ Start small and cheap

When you start a freelance business, you have to start with things that take less time so that you can do more projects and get to know more people. Once you are known, it is you who decides on the choice of employer and you can raise the bid price, because if the employer does not choose you, another employer will definitely choose you.

❋ Plan very carefully

One of the advantages or perhaps disadvantages of freelancing is that you work self-employed and even at home. This may make you lazy and you may not be able to deliver projects on time. At this time we suggest you have a detailed plan for your work. Also, force yourself to do your planning.

✦ Freelance Benefits

✩ Employer selection

You can choose your employer in this job. Working with some people can be frustrating, so you can choose your employer to pursue a freelance job more calmly.

✩ Time is at your disposal

You will have time in your freelance job. This means that you can wake up and continue your work whenever you want. There is no such thing in other jobs and you will have to give your time to the employer. Of course, do not forget to be careful with the freedom to deliver your project on time.

✩ You are your own boss

In all your projects you are the boss, you may ask who is the employer? The employer is your only business partner, but there is no one to control your work throughout the project. All you have to do is submit the project and receive the cost of the project.

✩ Is your income

This means that the more time you spend on your job, the more you will earn. So careful planning can help you grow your income.

✩ No need to pay extra

In this job, many of your expenses will be eliminated. For example: tax costs, office rent, etc. will be eliminated.

✩ You do not need initial capital

You do not need capital in this job and you can earn money only with your specialty.

✦ Freelance Disadvantages

✩ Is a job that has no facilities

Unlike employees in this job, you are responsible for your own life, there are no benefits such as insurance, treatment, loans, etc.

✦ What specializations are required for freelance?

It's up to you. This means that the more expertise you have and the more professional you are in your specialties, the more you will earn. The following jobs are highly lucrative for freelancers, respectively.

• Graphic Design

• Programming

• Digital Marketing

• Writing

• Translation

If you specialize in one of the above jobs, you can be sure that you will be successful in the field of freelance.

✦ The best freelance websites

Many freelancers use websites where there are many projects and can work on those projects. These sites will be divided into two categories in terms of payment.

1. International websites with dollar and euro payments

2. International websites with crypto payment

One of the advantages of crypto sites over dollar sites is their hassle-free payment. Freelance websites with dollar payments take a long time for you to earn your money, and many of these sites may take up to two weeks to settle, but crypto websites will only settle in a few hours. You will also pay a much lower commission fee for cryptocurrencies on freelance websites. Also, crypto jobs have no location restrictions and you will be able to do them anywhere in the world.

The most popular freelance websites with dollar and euro payments

• Freelancer.com

• Upwork.com

• Fiverr.com

The most popular freelance websites with crypto Bitcoin payment

• CCLanc.com

• Laborx.com

• Cryptogrind.com

✦ Result

If you can live with the world of freelancers, this job will be very attractive because in this way you are the only one who can help yourself, otherwise it will be more useful for you to become an employee. In this path, you may face many risks, but you must be able to live with these risks and succeed in this path.

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