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How many proposals can I send in a month?

For every Proposal sent (unless you are the very first Proposal for a particular Job) , 1 credit is used up even if the Buyer does not accept your Proposal.  

If you cancel a Proposal with a particular Buyer (for example because something is incorrect or you agree a slightly changed scope) and re-submit a new Proposal to the same Buyer in the same WorkStream it will not use up another credit.

This number will vary depending on the plan you have subscribed to.

How do I keep a buyer happy?
How do I get paid?


How does CCLanc protect buyers?
When you start your project your deposit is kept safely in the escrow account. Only once you are happy with the work and have received all the agreed deliverables, payments to freelancers will be released.
How do I find Freelancer that are reliable and trusted?
I already put a deposit into escrow why am I being asked again?


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